A Little Something on the Side: Book Promo- Hazard of Shadows by Mike Phillips

CHRONICLES OF THE GOBLIN KING SERIES   Synopsis: Hazard of Shadows, Chronicles of the Goblin King Book Two                The enchanted creatures of legend still exist, hidden away in the secret places of the world. They take refuge from an age of camera phones and government labs, from people who won’t let them live in peace. Read More

“Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you’ll die of a misprint.” ― Markus Herz

Hanging with Higgins

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening to Hanging with Higgins, an internet radio show hosted by @JohnJHigginsEsq on Tuesday nights at 10pm-11pm EST. This week’s guest was Ron Greenfield. A graduate of Hunter College, Ron went from dismantling sets to graphic design to art director. He has been involved with making movie Read More

September is Jude Deveraux Month

In honor of her birthday, September is Jude Deveraux month. Since Lavender Morning, I’ve been obsessed with the Edilean series. I don’t know who I love the most – tough-as-nails Mike, hunky Colin, or easy-going Luke. Let’s talk about Sara’s love of sewing, Gemma and her pens, and Tess’s lesson-teaching red dress. We will discuss Read More

Making the best of your life and your time and using your energy wisely

We can sit all day and think about what was and would could’ve been. A better thing to think about is what is and what will be. This is decided upon not only our actions, but more importantly by our faith. We must have faith in God and faith in ourselves to follow God. Many Read More

Romantic Series Trivia

Can you match the couples from Lisa Kleypas’ series about the Hathaways? Leo Michael Cam Harry Kev A. Beatrix B. Amelia C. Catherine D. Winifred E. Poppy

An Original Mother’s Day Poem

Nine months of pregnancy Thirty-six hours of pain She took one look at you And knew it was worth the gain Changing dirty diapers Proudly breast-feeding Enduring sleepless nights While you were teething Warming up bottles Making sure you were fed A nice warm bath Before putting you to bed Playing dress-up Singing nursery rhymes Read More