Hanging with Higgins

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening to Hanging with Higgins, an internet radio show hosted by @JohnJHigginsEsq on Tuesday nights at 10pm-11pm EST. This week’s guest was Ron Greenfield.

A graduate of Hunter College, Ron went from dismantling sets to graphic design to art director. He has been involved with making movie trailers as well as cross-promotions and cross-marketing. One major accomplishment was CBS purchasing his design for the U.S. Open.

Although competition in the entertainment industry wasn’t as fierce as it is now, there was also no internet, which made networking that much harder. After watching Metromedia, Ron sent Sid Goldberg, who would later become is mentor, a letter. Thanks to his passion and sincerity, Sid invited him for a visit and the rest is entertainment history.

You can listen to Ron’s interview on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5sixDsL9X4

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