The editing services on this site are for those planning to self-publish. If you're seeking agent representation, please visit our sister company Gold Dust Literary Agency.


 Email the first chapter of your manuscript to:

Developmental Editing


As a developmental editor, I will provide a big picture view of the strengths and weaknesses of your novel, including the following:

  • Character development: Are the characters complex with unique personalities and clear motivations? Do the main characters grow as the story progresses?
  • Relationship development: Specifically for romances, but will address when relevant.
  • Story development and pacing. Do you successfully move the story along at a fitting pace (fast-paced suspense vs. steady-paced romance) ? What is the core concept? What makes my story unique? Who is protagonist?  Antagonist? Is there enough conflict?
  • Info dumping: Including unnecessary info that slows the story.
  • Head hopping: Switching POV in the middle of the paragraph or scene.
  • Inconsistencies: A character's features (eye/hair color, height, etc.) changing without explanation, a character's behavior matching their personality, and so on.
  • Easy fixes: Does the climax or other conflicts resolve too easily
  • Weak conflict: Is the conflict strong enough for a full-length novel or can it be easily resolved with a simple conversation?
  • Is the story believable? For instance, if a person returning and home realizes their home has been burglarized takes it upon himself/herself to investigate instead of calling the police would not be believable UNLESS you provide a clear and convincing argument as to why they chose to take this route.
  • Showing vs telling and when to do both.
  • Dialogue: Does a laid-back character speak in a formal manner?  Does the dialogue sound natural?



  • Correct sentence structure and awkward phrasing.
  • Eliminate repetition, ambiguity, and wordiness.
  • Revise inappropriate verb tense.
  • Evaluate word choices and ensure proper grammar, consistency, subject-verb agreement, and transitional phrases.
  • Check Syntax, flow, clarity, voice, and readability.


How it works:

  • Email the first chapter of your novel. I will edit the first 1500 words for free.  Having the full chapter gives me a better view of your writing style and  understanding of where the story is going.  A synopsis and blurb are highly encouraged, but not required.
  • Upon agreeing to move forward, I will send you a contract detailing the services I will provide and outlining the timeline.
  • Partial payment will be required upon return of the contract. This amount is determined by any negotiated payment plan. $500 minimum to get started.