Coaching for Editors


Gold Dust Editing & Book Promotions will soon be offering coaching for those wanting to assist authors in polishing their manuscripts. Developmental editors look at the big picture, whereas line editors took a closer, line-by-line look. The sessions cover the basic knowledge every developmental editor will need to know, including how to:

For developmental editing:

  • increase your knowledge of the fiction writing
  • how to give guidance to others
  • how to identify and understand big picture developmental items
  • leave appropriate, useful comments in the manuscript
  • create a DE checklist
  • write a detailed, constructive critique
  • write an editorial letter, including ways to improve.
  • plot and character development
  • structure, pace, flow, and transitions
  • respecting the author’s voice
  • writing a query

For line editing:

  • tightening up sentences to make them clearer and more concise
  • removing overused jargon and cliché
  • listening to dialogue and making it unique to each character
  • be attentive to the writer’s individual style without overriding it
  • evaluating how word choice and syntax affects the tone of the story
  • improving overall readability

Be sure to check back soon