An Original Mother’s Day Poem

Nine months of pregnancy
Thirty-six hours of pain
She took one look at you
And knew it was worth the gain

Changing dirty diapers
Proudly breast-feeding
Enduring sleepless nights
While you were teething

Warming up bottles
Making sure you were fed
A nice warm bath
Before putting you to bed

Playing dress-up
Singing nursery rhymes
Watching your favorite movie
For the umpteenth time

Crashing Tonka trucks
Playing with GI Joe
Baseball in the summer
Sledding in the snow

Playing Candy Land
or how about Chutes and Ladders
As long as you were smiling
It really didn’t matter

Taking your temp
A cool cloth for your head
A trip to the pharmacy
To pick up your meds

Cleaning the kitchen
Washing your clothes
Combing your hair
Wiping your nose

Dusting, polishing
Cooking your food
Making sure the house was taken care of
No matter what her mood

Back to school shopping
Filling out all those forms
Waiting at the corner
Until the school bus comes

Leaving work early
Just to make your game
Because without her presence
It wouldn’t be the same

Getting ready for your first date
Teaching you how to drive a car
Praying for the Lord to stay with her
Although you weren’t going that far

Preparing for graduation
Getting ready for prom
From high school to college
From home to the dorm

Through getting your first “real” job
To buying your first home
To finding that special someone
She knew that day would come

They were there through it all
Nothing could’ve kept them away
So to all you mother’s out there
Happy Mother’s Day!


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