Making the best of your life and your time and using your energy wisely

We can sit all day and think about what was and would could’ve been. A better thing to think about is what is and what will be. This is decided upon not only our actions, but more importantly by our faith. We must have faith in God and faith in ourselves to follow God.

Many things have happened to each of us. Some good, some not so good, some just downright horrible. But if you are reading this, you made it through and that’s what you should be concentrating on.

Don’t spend your life reliving horrible things that happened to you. Don’t cry over opportunities you did not get or chose not to take. Bow your head in prayer and then lift your head in praise thanking God for his love, his kindness, his goodness, his mercy, and his grace. Steer clear of naysayers and fill your life with those who have their hearts and minds open to receiving God’s word and living by his will.

Keep your nose low enough to see clearly and focus on what’s important, which is a person’s heart, not their looks.

When you get ready to turn your back on someone having a hard time, think about how you would want them to treat you if the situation were to ever reverse – and believe me, it will.

May we all find the path God has set for us.

I pray for us all and wish us all the best!

Much love to everyone!!


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