Stranded on Castaway Island by Amy C. Laundrie

Stranded on Castaway Island

by Amy Laundrie


GENRE:   middle grade-young adult



On a remote island with only a herd of wild horses for company, two ex-best friends struggle to survive but soon realize they’re not alone.

After a sudden storm turned what should have been a quick boat ride into a nightmare, Annie is shipwrecked on a remote island near Nova Scotia with her ex-best friend Mirra. Learning to survive together would have been easier if they could get along–not possible after the hurtful words neither can forget. Annie and Mirra’s only company is a herd of wild horses–or that’s what the 14-year-old girls think at first. But when they discover still warm embers from a campfire and man-sized footprints, they know they’re not alone.



When my arm slashed towards the shark’s eye, it was unbelievably strong and dead-on. I pierced that eye, hearing a popping sound a millisecond before I realized my mistake. The angry shark thrashed its tail so hard it launched the flimsy raft out of the water. Airborne, we spun, landing hard, half the raft dipping into the water, ocean slurping in.

“Bail!” I called to Mirra.

She cupped her hands and frantically flung water. Still clutching the knife, I searched for the shark. A swirl and . . . Whoosh! The shark’s tail slapped at the raft sending us spinning again. One more slap, seeming like a desperate last attempt. I held my breath and, Yes! The dorsal fin darted away.

Mirra’s gasping breaths and her eyes, wide and swimming with terror, made me realize this wasn’t a scene from a movie. This had really happened. My whole body shook. I tried to keep watching in case the shark returned, but I knew I was too shaky to do anything if it did.

As the raft rocked like a baby’s cradle, I longed to have my father’s strong arms around me. But I didn’t have his arms. I only had mine.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Amy writes about nature and animals and spends way too much time imagining what it would be like to survive on a remote island. STRANDED ON CASTAWAY ISLAND, for middle grade and young adults, is her 11th books. She also has picture books, middle-grade chapter books, and an adult memoir. She’s a columnist and her memoir, LAUGH, CRY, REFLECT:  STORIES FROM A JOYFUL HEART is a compilation of her favorite pieces.

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