New Release: After Io by Elliott Wink

Bryn Michaels is a pilot on the spaceship Persika and she has just killed her captain.

The crew of the Persika was hired to mine platinum ore on Io, but the simple job becomes complicated when their drill malfunctions. Although the crew agrees to head back to the space station with the job unfinished, they don’t make it far before something greater threatens the safety of the ship and its crew.

Bryn is determined to survive, but as she takes steps to ensure her rescue, she begins to wonder if the cost of survival is too great.

After Io is the first book in The Far Light Series

About the Author

Elliott Wink is a science fiction and fantasy writer. She’s been teaching English for nearly a decade, so she spends her days analyzing writing with her students and her nights putting her own pen to paper.

She has a masters in psychology. She finds people fascinating. so she usually spends a lot of time in her characters’ heads. Whether that character is drifting through outer space, navigating through a dystopian future, or in another universe entirely, they are unlikely to escape the nature of the human condition when it comes to her stories. We are human, even when we are forging through the unknown.

She lives with my very supportive husband and tri-color collie-pit mix in Northern California. When she’s not writing or watching movies, she can be found on the golf course or cooking elaborate, celiac-friendly meals.

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