Discussion: Is it ever okay for the woman to make the first move?

We all love romance. The heart-stopping, swoon-worthy, ooh ahh moments that make us smile all day and well into dreamland at night. The first date. The first time he holds your hand. The first time his lips touch yours.

Those moments are cemented in our brains.

But what happens when he takes too long to ask for your number, or hold your hand, or to kiss you? Do you bat your eyelashes, smile coyly, and “accidentally” brush up against his arm with your breasts? Or do you opt for the Calamity Jane method and hog tie him and take what you want? By the way, that could wind you up in jail, so be careful about using that tactic.

Or do you do something in between, walk away, or just continue to wait until he decides to make a move?

Women, have you ever made the first move? How did you feel afterwards? How did it work out?

Men, has a woman ever made the first move on you? How did you take it?

Let the discussion begin!

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