Awakenings by L. C. Conn

GENRE:   Fantasy



Many generations have passed since Carling first faced Chaos’ rage. With each incarnation, his desire to find and claim her gifts grows.

Claire is just like any other 17-year-old, or so she thought. No stranger to tragedy and heartache, she finds comfort in her great-uncle and guardian, and her best friend, Adam. Her life is settling into a happy peace. Until one night everything she knew and trusted is turned on its head.

Spirited away in the middle of the night and thrust into a world of family secrets and hidden magical abilities, Claire discovers she’s not just any teenager and she’s being hunted by her best friend’s father. Claire must learn to harness her awakening gifts before an ancient evil finds her.

Can she master her Abilities before Marcus finds her?



Claire crouched down where she was and pulled herself into a ball, praying that they would not spot her in the dim light. Her head was on her knees, and she could hear their footfalls come closer and closer. She prayed harder, embracing her legs tightly in her arms, trying to make herself smaller. The seconds dragged on and on as she promised every god she could think of and even her parents that if she got out of there, she would never do such a thing again.

Footsteps farther away from her brought her head up. The two men had passed her. Thanking her luck, she stood up and carefully made her way back to the door. From behind her, she heard one of the men swear.

“She has to be here somewhere. Go back and look,” one of them commanded.

It was at this point that Claire knew she had to get out of there quickly, and she started to run. Unfortunately, her pounding feet gave her away, and she could hear them call out and begin chasing her again. She made the door and slammed it behind her, leaping up the stairs two by two until she reached the entrance foyer and rushed to the door. She slammed her hand on the lock release button protruding from the wall and yanked the door open. Once outside in the back alley, she did not give the building a second look but continued to run.

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