"Gwyn is a knowledgeable, gifted, and insightful editor, equally adept at addressing large-scale issues like pacing, tone, and character arcs and the finer points of prose style. Every book is so much better after she works her magic!"

– Stacey Donovan, Director, Hallmark Publishing


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Once Upon A Time

interview with Olivia Swindler

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Gwyn's bookshelf: read

Earls Just Want to Have Fun
The Hellion and The Heartbreaker
Marked By the Wolf: Part 1
Voyage In His Arms
Devil in Winter
Cover of Night
Snowbound Summer
Kissed at Midnight
No Cure for Love
My Lady Rogue
Earls Just Want to Have Fun
My Fair Lily
Highland Surrender
Hold on My Heart
Love Without End
Always Right
Kiss Me Forever
Voyage In His Arms: 2
Voyage In His Arms: 3
Saving Grapes

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