FiBs Storytelling Platform


FiBs, short for Fiction Books, is a storytelling platform where writers can share their stories, get feedback, chat, follow, comment, and save to favorites. Read and write for FREE! Authors, let your imaginations run wild. Type your stories on our platform, all at once or one chapter at a time. You can make changes and add/delete chapters at any time. Get notifications and chat with readers and other authors. Respond to comments and give and get feedback.

Readers, save to your favorites, leave comments, and follow and chat with fellow readers and your favorite authors. We spotlight books randomly to give all stories a chance for special recognition and to soak up the love. Books will get shout outs on our social media sites and the websites of our sister companies (Gold Dust Editing & Book Reviews and Gold Dust Literary Agency). Pique the interests of literary agents, editors, and publishers. Build your brand, get writing tips, participate in contests, and sign up for giveaways.