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Hott Take by Serena Bell

Hott TakeSerena Bell(Hott Springs Eternal, #2)Publication date: April 16th 2024Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance The hard part isn’t acting like we’re falling for each other. It’s pretending we’re not. Shane: My grandfather’s will has me between a rock and a Hott place. If I

In the Shadow of Truth by Maci Aurora

In the Shadow of the TruthMaci Aurora(Fareview Fairytale, #3.5)Publication date: April 9th 2024Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance The secrets Scarlett Fareview has hidden from her family are finally out in the open, but not without consequences. Alienating everyone she loves, she must face the hurt

Cursed Wolf by Sophie Ash

Cursed WolfSophie Ash(Howling Death MC)Publication date: March 29th 2024Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance If the sweet veterinarian finds out I’m a werewolf, she’ll bolt. But she’s my fated mate, and the beast in me is howling for a taste. I’m the wolf she hit with

Book Blitz: These Family Ties

These Family Ties: An Extreme Taboo AnthologyPublication date: September 10th 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Weave your way through the Complex Taboo love that’s Thicker Than Blood. Lose yourself in the Wrath and Ruin of The Loveless, and always remember that Daddy Knows Best how

Book Blitz: Handsome Devil by Delaney Diamond

Handsome DevilDelaney Diamond(Quicksand, #7)Publication date: February 29th 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance They might both get what they want in this marriage of convenience—if they don’t kill each other first. Annabelle Buchanan waltzes into Dante Escarra’s office with a singular goal—to persuade him to accept

Book Blitz: Unleashed by Ren Alexander

UnleashedRen Alexander(Unraveled Renegade, #3)Publication date: March 12th 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Battered and bruised, Greg Rodwell struggles without his bride. I married her as a favor. Then she dumped me out of spite. All her life, Simone’s control-freak father fed her money as long

Book Blitz: La Bella Luna by Nicole Sharp

La Bella LunaNicole SharpPublication date: March 19th 2024Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance Can you really reject a surprise last-minute, all-expense paid trip to Italy from your sister? For Diana, a sensible CPA in Atlanta, you most certainly can. But within the last week, Diana

Book Bkitz: The Helping Heart by Annie M. Ballard

The Helping HeartAnnie M. Ballard(Sisters of Stella Mare, #4)Publication date: March 15th 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction Helen comes home and everything should be wonderful. Even if she’s returning due to a divorce. But there is more… The Madison sisters, once close, are suddenly

Book Blitz: Pulling Her Resources by Mia Sivan

Pulling Her ResourcesMia SivanPublication date: March 16th 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance In Tel Aviv’s high-stakes business world, Dafna works in a startup teetering on the brink of financial doom. Divorced for six years and starved for passion, she goes on a wild one-night stand

Book Blitz: Double Vision by Shaolin Poe

Double VisionShaolin PoePublication date: July 24th 2023Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy Magic gifts are rare, and they’re a closely guarded secret for mystos—the name for those who possess such abilities. Wyatt Glasson’s talent is speculomancy—an uncommon type of magic that grants him the ability to

Their Shattered Hearts by Angie Cole

Their Shattered HeartsAngie Cole(Cardinal Creek)Publication date: March 1st 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance A story of love, loss, and redemption unfolds in the rustic charm of Cardinal Creek, Texas. Will Deluca, a stoic firefighter and ranch owner, bears the weight of his wife’s untimely demise.

Book Blitz: The Edge by Jim McGhee

The EdgeJim McGhee(DI Barney Mains, #5)Publication date: February 28th 2024Genres: Adult, Thriller DI Barney Mains blames himself for the grotesque murder of a top banker in France. He’s obsessed with the belief that he allowed a near-mythical assassin to escape certain death to kill