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Daddy’s Little Brat Collection by Lucy Wild

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Now available as a three-book collection!

Three feisty ladies need a simple lesson in etiquette and decorum. Elizabeth, Vanessa, and Rose learn to submit in three steamy historical age play romance novels: A Little Wager, A Little Conspiracy, and Pretty Little Rose.

A Little Wager
Cold and hungry, Elizabeth Wilkinson doesn’t trust anyone.
The world of high society knows Charles Doyle as a hopeless gambler. Now everything he owns is riding on one last wager. Can he take a low-born waif and turn her into a meek, submissive little girl within a week? And as he falls for her, will he ever be able to let her go?

A Little Conspiracy
Vanessa White has never met her benefactor but when his regular monthly payments to her landlord abruptly stop, she is thrown out of her house and left destitute. Offered a place at a private school, Vanessa accepts but when she arrives, she discovers she must enroll as one of the headmaster’s littles and accept whatever disciplinary measures the establishment sees fit.

Pretty Little Rose
She needs a simple lesson in etiquette and decorum. Her new tutor is about to teach her something much harder. Rose Winter might look like a Lord’s daughter, but she acts like a spoilt child. When a tutor is hired to show her how to behave like a proper lady, she decides to instead teach him a thing or two about bad behaviour.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains domestic discipline, elements of age-play and power exchange, and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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