New Beginnings

As the New Year approaches, I look back on my life and things I’ve seen, heard, and done this past year. It’s the same thing year after year. I make decisions on what I want to change, on what I want to do, on what I no longer want to do – for whatever reason.

Not much has changed in regards to that. I still reflect, rethink, and regroup. There’s nothing wrong with evaluating life and doing things differently. The main thing to do is to make amends with those you’ve wronged, to correct mistakes you’ve made, and to make an effort to actually do better next time.

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions. Some are the same each year. Sometimes we live up to them, sometimes we don’t. Be proud that you recognize your weaknesses and you make a conscious effort to try to turn them into strengths. None of us are perfect now, and we never will be. Just keep aiming for improvement. Learn to control your temptations instead of letting your temptations control you. That in itself is a great accomplishment.

May the Lord open our hearts and minds so that we receive his word and live by his will.

Many blessings to us all!

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