Cover Reveal: Hide Us Away by Sonnet Harlynn


Genre: Romantic Suspense

When Raven DeLuca escapes with her infant daughter to the quiet mountain town of Brooks Falls, she restarts with a fresh chance at life and a new identity. Everything is going according to plan until the sexy cop she had one very unfortunate run-in with constantly makes reappearances in her life. After everything Raven has been through, love is the very last thing she is looking for. But she can’t stay away, even when he’s in and out of her life, leaving her feeling confused and rejected.

Cameron Jameson is dealing with his unwitting role in his wife’s death. He has no space in his life for a relationship, not even with the dark-haired beauty that keeps him awake at night. He’s drawn to her sensual mix of strength and vulnerability, but his complicated past keeps their relationship in limbo.

Despite their best efforts to steer clear of each other, they repeatedly collide in situations that test their self-restraint. As Raven and Cameron get closer, their relationship is tested when her lies begin to unravel and he’s forced to come clean about what happened that fateful night  When the lives they’ve so carefully built are threatened, they’re forced into action. Raven will do anything to protect her daughter, and Cameron must fight for those he’s grown to love, even if it means jumping headfirst into the fire.

About the Author

Sonnet Harlynn was born and raised in San Diego, California. After spending eight years in the Army as an intelligence analyst, she and her family settled in Raleigh, North Carolina where she spends her time writing the stories she dreams about all day. Her incessant writing is fueled by a coffee addiction and a determined drive to bring the characters in her head to life. She lives with her loving husband, her two sons, and her dog Bear – her dedicated writing partner who can be found lying at her feet, supervising the writing process.

Sonnet has written the steamy three-book Brook’s Falls romance series and is currently working on a spin-off series.

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