Book Review: Gambling on the Bodyguard by Sarah Ballance


Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck (October 12, 2015)

Ellie Montgomery is in sin city prepared to meet her favorite writer, until her ticket is devoured by the toilet. Determined to accomplish her goal, she attempts to sneak into the conference room and is stopped by hotter-than-hell bodyguard Jax Mathis.

Jax only wanted a date when he made the agreement with Ellie. He’d agree to let her backstage, as long as she agreed to spend some time with him to see if he can make her forget about the arrogant man-whore she was infatuated with. What he didn’t expect was for her to make him forget that he only wanted a date. One date. Which soon doesn’t seem like enough.

Full of sexy flirtations, searing sex scenes, and neon lights, this memorable contemporary features spirited characters, a bit of action, and some heart-pleasing ahhhh!

Kudos to Ballance for the unique premise. From the first sentence, the story is inviting. Although Ellie’s free-spirited behavior seemed to come too easily for someone described to be more of a wallflower than a social butterfly, being in Vegas is enough to justify her actions. Afterall, it’s not called sin city for the sake of alliteration. For a moment, I felt the fact that she was a ski instructor – his sister having died in a ski accident – was rather convenient and a little too coincidental, especially since they met in Vegas, not Colorado, however, as the story continued I quickly lost sight of my cynical view, and concentrated on the romance itself.

I briefly touched my temple while saying hmmm on an exhale when reading the way the two came back together, but once again my disparaging view was short-lived. Without delay, I shifted back to the positive side and just let myself enjoy.

Ballance has a way with words and a keen eye for surroundings.

Overall, this is an entertaining read. Click the pic.

Rating system: Cups of coffee – the less the better

0: You won’t need any coffee to stay up for this one. It’s intriguing enough all on its own.
1: You’ll stay up late, but not all night. Brew one cup.
2: You’ll read as long as you’re not tired. If you are, two cups should do the trick.
3: I hope you got plenty of rest; you’ll need it, or at least 3 cups.
4: If the cable goes out, read the book. It’s better than nothing, I guess. Oh, don’t forget your brew!
5: Find anything else to do- it doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t waste your coffee. Too much caffeine is bad for you.

My rating: 2 cups of coffee

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