Book Review: Executive’s Embrace by Madison Walker

Executives Embrace


Andrea Frasier’s worse nightmare of a job quickly turns into her dream job when she is asked by her boss, CEO Mark Warren, to pretend to be his girlfriend on a business trip. Of course the pretense turns into something real, and they fall in love.

This book is a good reminder of why I don’t normally read novellas. It takes time for me to connect with characters, and to me, building a good story takes time. I have to admit, the writing itself was pretty good, and I liked Andrea, but the story is really short, which makes the love story seem forced.

There were also elements of the story that were far-fetched, like the Secretary of Health not wanting to do business with bachelors. Why would he care? This made no sense to me. It was an implausible way to explain why Mark needed to bring Andrea along on the business trip. Also, Mark is the billionaire CEO of a large software company, and he got so choked up talking about his lifelong dream of opening children’s hospitals that Andrea had to jump in and save him. CEO goes with business deals like happy endings go with romance novels.

The dialogue was pretty good. The sex scenes a turn-off for a non-erotic reader such as myself, but for those who like far-fetched, erotic novellas, I say go for it.

Rating system: Cups of coffee – the less the better

0: You won’t need any coffee to stay up for this one. It’s intriguing enough all on its own.
1: You’ll stay up late, but not all night. Brew one cup.
2: You’ll read as long as you’re not tired. If you are, two cups should do the trick.
3: I hope you got plenty of rest; you’ll need it, or at least 3 cups.
4: If the cable goes out, read the book. It’s better than nothing, I guess. Oh, don’t forget your brew!
5: Find anything else to do- it doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t waste your coffee. Too much caffeine is bad for you.

My rating: 4 cups of coffee

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