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After being jilted several years before, one would think maternity nurse Edith Lima would have romance as far away from her mind as possible. However, after meeting the mysterious yet pushy Kazmir Koloma, Edith now has to come to terms with her past and think about the future. But, as we all know, the future has many surprises in store.

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Author Bio:

I’m an illustrator at heart, but I’ve been writing ever since I started using a computer, and that was over 10 years ago! Though Della Kitt isn’t my real name, it encompasses my favorite thing: yesteryear, back when class was sexy. The name is vintage sounding, and plus Eartha Kitt is awesome. It also reflects my current project which revolves around a retro universe, and “The Lies That Bind” is the first of the series. If you like steamy romances with a retro flare, this world maybe for you!

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He pulled me into his arms, holding me close as the cold bay lapped at our feet. Somehow, I felt secure in his strong arms, I felt…happy, wanted, needed. He said something, but I couldn’t decipher it, but I seem to understand him. He met my gaze again and placed his hand on my cheek; I pressed my face further into his palm, his warmth putting met at ease, comforting me. He ran his hand through my fiery hair as he leaned down to press his lips to mine, and I don’t fight him, willingly returning his affection as I meet him halfway.

And then I woke up.

I sat upright in my bed, it was way past midnight and my face was damp with perspiration…and that one spot between my legs was damp. I sighed heavily, flopping back into my equally damp pillow. I rubbed my face with my hand as Dr. Koloma’s words from earlier in the day ran through my mind:

“Maybe you are special. Someone just needs to appreciate that better.”

I groaned; what was the man doing to me? He made me feel so many things at once, spending me into a twister of emotion. I had no intentions of getting close to the doctor or anything like it; I didn’t even know why I said what I did in the nursery. And I didn’t know why he had said what he did. Was he baiting me? Testing me? If he was, then what for? I recalled what he had said about not finding the right woman, hinting that he may be that special someone who could appreciate me. I contemplated the possibilities briefly.

I shook the thoughts away. No, I wasn’t going to let my emotions drag me down the road of heartache. Not now, not ever.

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