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Linda Bond


Hi everyone, I’m Linda Bond, TV news reporter by day, author of romantic suspense and

romantic thrillers by night. For my worst pick-up line experience I reached out to my

readers and asked if they’d share theirs with me. So, here’s a list of possibly the cheesiest,

most horrible pick up lines for your enjoyment, followed by a scene from one of my books

that left my main character speechless. Enjoy!

Just plain cheese, please:

Are you from Tennessee ‘cause you’re the only ten I see?

Are your legs tired, because you’ve been running around my head all day?

Do you take karate ‘cause your body’s kickin’?

Is your name summer cause you’re hot?

You look a lot like my future ex wife.

Are you trash ‘cause I want to take you out?

I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by you.

Nerdy pick-up lines:

Are you made of Barium and Beryllium because you are a BaBe?

You look like 89 degrees because if you were an angle you’d be acute, and if you were a

temperature you’d be hot.

Naughty pick up lines. Read at your own risk:

Are you Latin ‘cause you look like you’ve got a little Cuban in you?

Are you a pinky toe because I want to bang you on every piece of furniture in my house?

Cuba Undercover-Linda Bond

Cuba Undercover Blurb

His revenge will change her life forever…

Cuban-American TV reporter Rebecca Menendez’s success comes from playing by the rules.

When she’s kidnapped by a fierce and intensely handsome man who needs her help, however, all

of those rules seem pointless. Nothing could have prepared her for being taken hostage…or the

irresistible reward if she complies: information about her long-thought dead father.

Antonio Vega has spent almost every day of his adult life dreaming of revenging his father’s

death. With his sister’s life and freedom in jeopardy, Antonio isn’t taking any chances. But once

Rebecca and Antonio are in Cuba, they’re immersed in a world of corruption, deceit, and

betrayal. It’s a deadly game…and there are no rules.

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About Linda Bond

Linda Bond is an Emmy award-winning journalist by day and an author of romantic

adventures by night. She’s also the mother of five, four athletes and an adopted son from

Cuba. She has a passion for world travel, classic movies, and alpha males. Linda currently

lives in Florida, where the sun always shines and the day begins with endless possibilities.

You can become a Bond girl and share in her continuing adventures at

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