Release Blast: A Story of Noelle by Mika Lane


A Story of Noelle
Devil’s Bliss #1
By: Mika Lane
Releasing October 11th, 2016
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A story of Noelle. The first novella in the Devi’s Bliss series by Mika Lane, writer of hot, sexy romance.
Noelle Berry is going places. She’s an in-demand sensual massage therapist at the famed Devi’s Bliss spa just outside San Francisco, nestled among the breath-taking redwoods of Marin County. She’s got a long-term plan to open her own business, which will set her up for life and give her the security she never knew growing up. But there’s one problem.
Her kid brother. Charming. Clever. Cute. But always in trouble.
To get him out of the home they grew up in, Noelle became Mikey’s guardian. But so far her good example has failed to teach him anything. Not responsibility, not ambition, not good judgment.
But when Mr. R comes to Devi’s Bliss for a massage, things seem like they might be turning a corner. Not only is he devastatingly handsome, he also wants to help her realize her dream. Right away. He even has a plan for Mikey. But can Noelle leave her past behind and trust him? Can she let him prove he’s different from the man in her life who hurt her the most?

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As Noelle’s oiled hands worked Mr. R’s ankles, she glanced up the length of his body, impressed by the tent formed by the sheet draping over his erection. He parted his legs a bit more, presumably to make room for his swelling testicles, and he snored for the split second he drifted in and out of a nap. Her heart rate picked up, and the cotton of her robe chafed her roused nipples.

Novella #2 (Click to preorder)
Novella #2 (Click to preorder)
Mika Lane
Mika Lane
Novella #3 (Click to preorder)
Novella #3 (Click to preorder)

Author Info
Mika Lane has been writing since, well, before she could write. When she was six she dictated her first poem to her father and still has the poster board he wrote it on. In third grade she wrote her first book, The Day I Ate the Milkyway, which still sits on her bookshelves today in its faded construction paper cover. In fourth grade she won the essay contest sponsored by the local newspaper so many times they barred her from entering again. In college, the only time she got A’s was when she could write a paper.
In all its forms, writing has been a passion of hers since a young age, but erotic romance is what gives purpose to her days and nights. Mika lives in the magical and funky San Francisco Bay Area. A devotee of the intelligent, and beautiful, and lover of shiny things, she’s a yogi, hiker, traveler, thinker, observer, urbanite, and she has been known to drink cheap champagne.

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